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FR / EN  _3, rue des Cordiers - Vieil Antibes - France


Closed for annual holidays until 11/02. Re-opening 12/02/2020.

Today’s reservation, please call :
04 93 34 04 47

Valet parking:
9 Boulevard d'Aguillon
06600 Antibes Juan les Pins (View on Google Maps)
For safety baby stroller are not allowed. Formal dress wear.

Premier service, 19h00. Deuxième service, 22h00
In Antibes behind the city walls, le Michelangelo is Mamo's Kingdom. Mamo is an artist - and hidden behind these two syllables is all of the warmth of the south , of Italy and France, all of the style of the Mediterranean, all of the know-how of a truly passionate chef, all of the voluptuousness and joy of the people born to welcome friends around a table. And talking about good food, Mamo is the pope and his restaurant is the church. The pope of pasta and smiles.
These two assets allow him to welcome gourmets and celebrities: from television, football, racing and the festivals (Juan les Pins Jazz Festival, Cannes Film Festival)… Restaurant le Michelangelo, Italian specialities in the heart of Old Antibes. In an old wine cellar from the Domaine Ott vineyard, built of old stones, full of history, you can eat an excellent risotto of calamari or lobster or scallops and shrimp, the famous "spalla d'agnello" (lamb shoulder grilled on a wood fire), rabbit with herbs (grilled on a wood fire) or "saltimbocca romana" (veal escalope with parma ham and emmentaler cheese)…
For dessert enjoy tiramisu, amaretto crème brulèe , or simply a plate of fresh fruit... The wine list of carefully selected Italian and French wines also contribute to your enjoyment.
Les étoiles
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